We’re Baaaaaaack

We have been back about 6 weeks, which seriously feels like 3 whole days. It’s been way busier than I expected right out of the gate, but it’s been (mostly) really good stuff.

Except in a weird way it feels like we never left.

Which is both super cool and kind of sad. I feel like these two lives are worlds apart. And in a way, they kind of are. I’m hoping as time moves on, it’ll blend together more. For now, I keep catching myself thinking about going to Sydney places and realizing mid-thought, That’s not going to work!

It feels good to be back in our place with all our stuff and to have close friends nearby. But of course I miss parts of Sydney life too! It’s hard to describe. I always knew it would be temporary. It’s kind of like those early years with Nicola. I always knew she was growing, that time was ticking and that I wouldn’t get phase back. And I never expected to. So that’s how I feel with Sydney. I knew it was going to come to an end and because of that, we did everything we could to make the most of it. No regrets.

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