Using Her Voice

When Nicola and I were at the grocery store the other week, she asked me to buy a particular bag of snacks for school. The last time she’d gotten them, they’d come with a special eraser. (They’re called rubbers here, but I have such a hard time saying that!) The packaging on this batch also said one would be included—except it wasn’t! She was sooooo annoyed. (And, really, can you blame her? Do you remember how fun getting something out of a cereal box was as a kid?)

So I casually mentioned she could email the company and tell them what happened and that maybe, just maybe, they’d send her one. I don’t think I was even finished unpacking the groceries and she was already looking up their contact info on her iPad. I double checked her email and we talked about how we wanted to still be nice and friendly even though it’s a frustrating situation. She tweaked a few words and hit send. The next day she came downstairs and exclaimed they’d written back and wanted our address!

And then it arrived and she got to see firsthand how awesome speaking up can be.

Have I told you lately how much I love this girl?

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