Things I Like in Sydney

Here’s a collection of photographs I’ve taken around Sydney lately, mainly in Paddington and Woollahra near our house. I had to laugh that there is a serious foliage theme going on. (I didn’t pick up on that when I snapped them!) I knew absolutely nothing about plants before I moved here. Now I know a little. But mostly I just know that I like green living things. And the salty air. And sunny days, which I can never get enough of.

I like these old freestanding buildings covered in ivy, too.

And vertical gardens.

There are leaves that turn pink here! Green to pink — I was so surprised to see that.

I don’t know what this tree is, but it seems to beĀ dripping flowers.

And this little delivery car looked too cute.

Some of the streets are crazy steep. These periodĀ buildings are the best.

And these plants are everywhere. They’re also the size of a small child. Like a toddler. Or maybe even older if it’s a mature plant. Wild, right?!

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