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Living on the other side of the world has got me thinking a lot lately about…trash. It’s not something we often think about at home (unless it needs to be taken out) or even think of on the go, but I’ve noticed Sydney seems a little behind the times when it comes to recycling, composting and waste management in general.

I know Boulder is this magical little bubble of a highly concentrated collection of tree-lovin’-huggin’-greenies, and that might be part of why this change of environment feels so drastic, but it’s opened my eyes to how much we waste as a planet. There’s so much more litter here than I’m used to, and it’s mostly plastic. And yet there’s all this awareness about how it’s getting into the ocean—and you can SEE it in the harbors and in the sand at the beaches—and yet it still seems like solutions are being overlooked.

Living abroad is somewhat wasteful in and of itself, and I’m not denying that. But I am trying to do my small part.

And part of that is writing about how you can minimize your impact while traveling. Want to read it?



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