Simple Ways I Went Zero-ish Waste This Year | Medium

It’s easier than you think, and it saves money.

As an American living abroad in Australia, I came to notice firsthand at how rapidly we’re destroying the planet. Sydney, Australia, is arguably one of the most beautiful places in the world; however, I was absolutely horrified the first time I leaned over the harbor railing to look into the deep-blue seawater, only to find it littered with plastic bags, takeaway containers and empty bottles. I stumbled upon straws and plastic bottle tops strewn on beaches. In the heart of the city, I saw countless bins overflowing with trash. So. Much. Plastic. When recycling bins were available, which wasn’t often, they were usually overflowing. People seemed confused about what they could and couldn’t recycle, including myself. Were those black plastic coffee lids on store cups OK to recycle? What about the cups themselves? (Unfortunately, no.) Read more.

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