Jervis Bay

In honor of my birthday, we took a trip! Who needs a present when you can go away to a beach for the weekend?

We had a little impromptu photo shoot with Nicola and her mermaid tail.

Since mermaids can’t move on land very well, Tim helped her get from one spot to the next. (You can almost hear her giggling in this photo.)

I don’t think she enjoyed being a mermaid model AT ALL.

Then we hit another beach and another and another. The beaches were soooooo empty. It was AWESOME. Because the ones we go to in the city are crazy crowded, which can quickly negate the whole relaxation thing. One beach even had a cave.

They sat down and I instantly thought, Nope, there are waaaaay too many creepy crawly things in this country that can kill you & they might be hiding in there. I’m gonna back, back, back it up.

Then we went to the Botanic Gardens to go on a few hikes in the rainforest. Here’s a sign you won’t see in the States.

But then we saw 2 grey kangaroos on the path! That surprised us and made us giddy.

These plants might not look like anything special, but they were all uuuuge, as in 2-3x my height. The photo below was taken at the top of a valley so it’s probably hard to tell, but that plant in the bottom right must have been at least 15 feet high. We felt so small walking through.

Nicola loved having a TV again. I loved snuggling with her. We got hooked on The Voice (AU version) and now have been streaming it back home.

And that’s it. Little weekends away like this make living in Australia pretty freakin’ cool.

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