Hobbiton | New Zealand

Right before we moved back to the States, we stopped in New Zealand again. This time we hit the North Island. We flew into Auckland and then drove down to Raglan, a little beachside town known for its surfing. Tim’s training for a 50-mile race and I’m still working quite a bit, so we spent the mornings taking care of those things while Nicola enjoyed lounging around and soaking in our house’s “hot pool” a.k.a. hot tub.

We used the afternoons to explore. One of our first stops was the Hobbiton Movie Set tour, where some of The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings were filmed. Tim and I watched the trilogy before we left Australia and let me tell you, it’s practically a part-time job trying to fit it all in. Those movies are really long. (Too long.) And a little too violent for Nicola but we decided to let her read the first book. She’s only a couple of chapters in but liking it so far.

Here are some of the photos from our tour. It was neat to see the houses built into the hills and hear about all the behind-the-scenes tricks (one of my favorite things about the film industry).┬áThe photos don’t capture how miniature the houses really are until you can see us standing in front of them! Each one was incredibly detailed!

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