Carbon Farming: The Future of Food | Boulder Lifestyle

On the quest to write more about eco-friendly topics, I explored carbon farming practices for Boulder Lifestyle magazine. Eco-Cycle teamed up with McCauley Family Farm for an incredible night of food, education and community. Want to see how compost and other regenerative […]

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Make Your Own | Boulder Lifestyle

Want to learn how to turn an old tank top into a reusable bag? Well, you’re in luck! I wrote all about it for Boulder Lifestyle magazine’s September issue. I promise it’s SUPER EASY and I’m 99% sure you can find everything […]

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The Cusp | Zero Waste Travel

Living on the other side of the world has got me thinking a lot lately about…trash. It’s not something we often think about at home (unless it needs to be taken out) or even think of on the go, but I’ve noticed […]

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New Zealand

We took soooooooo many photos in New Zealand. Here’s the final batch. Tim in front of a moa statue. Did I tell you we went to an ice bar? It was constructed of blocks of ice, but truth be told it was […]

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3 Ways to Bring Kids Into The Zero Waste Movement

I’ve been chatting with Nicola lately about how we each play a tiny part in making the world a better place. Living in Sydney, we’ve been exposed to more ocean concerns—like how plastic is getting washed into the sea and how runaway […]

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3 Little Tips for Going Zero Waste

I’ve been doing quite a bit of research lately on going zero waste. What does that mean exactly? How do you do that? It all stemmed from the article I wrote for The Cusp. Acutally, it all stemmed from moving abroad because […]

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