6 Ways to Reduce Waste While Traveling | Medium

Learn about six simple zero-ish waste ways we can reduce our impact on the environment while we travel.

For many of us, the mere idea of zero waste travel feels completely unattainable. But is it? How close can we really get? I was curious about what simple swaps I could make to reduce my impact on the environment. It turns out, it was a lot less complicated than I thought.

There’s no doubt that we, as a nation, need to recycle more, but that’s only one piece to the complex puzzle of battling global warming. Recycling alone isn’t enough. I wanted to go beyond just tossing my empty aluminum can into the recycling bin. Bea Johnson, author of the best-selling book Zero Waste Home, who whole-heartedly practices what she preaches, writes on her blog about rules she lives by. Read more.

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