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3 Birds On a Wire

Nicola and I were out on a walk on Sunday morning and I heard some loud squawks. I wish I could tell you that was abnormal for Sydney, but it’s not. (Oh, I could go on and on about how much I can’t stand the tropical birds with their early morning what-the-hell-it’s-not-even-dawn-yet squawking, but I’ll spare you. Just know I will not miss the squawks when we move back. I will not miss them at all.)

Anyway, these screeches were more ear-piercing than usual so that’s when I looked up to see these three big fellas. Blue and yellow macaws, I think. This photo doesn’t capture their size, but I’d say they were giants in the bird world. Maybe a meter tall including the tail?

These little moments are my favorite about living abroad.

{Woollahra, Sydney}

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