3 Ways to Bring Kids Into The Zero Waste Movement

I’ve been chatting with Nicola lately about how we each play a tiny part in making the world a better place. Living in Sydney, we’ve been exposed to more ocean concerns—like how plastic is getting washed into the sea and how runaway […]

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Jervis Bay

In honor of my birthday, we took a trip! Who needs a present when you can go away to a beach for the weekend? We had a little impromptu photo shoot with Nicola and her mermaid tail. Since mermaids can’t move on […]

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I Had To Read This 3x

We may speak the same language in the U.S. and Australia, but it’s not exactly the s-a-m-e. Case in point: this ad. American friends, is it just me? How many times did you read this before you understood what it was saying????

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And Then I Met Someone in a Cult

Nicola and I sat down on bench to eat a couple sushi rolls after a quick shopping spree for her birthday. And I noticed there was a farmers’ market happening but didn’t think that much of it. We were done—not only shopping but […]

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Happy Birthday to Nicola!

Nicola, I cannot believe you are 9 today. From the girl I worried would n-e-v-e-r walk (you really loved to just sit and chill) to now when I can hardly believe my eyes—you’re crossing busy city streets alone(!) and running around the […]

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3 Little Tips for Going Zero Waste

I’ve been doing quite a bit of research lately on going zero waste. What does that mean exactly? How do you do that? It all stemmed from the article I wrote for The Cusp. Acutally, it all stemmed from moving abroad because […]

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Spice Alley

We heard about Spice Alley from a neighbor (thanks, Andrea!) and headed there for dinner on Saturday night. It’s a laneway of Asian cuisine hawker-style eateries—a local-excursion adventure that ends in street food? Sign me up!  Options included wide gamet of dishes and […]

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3 Surprising Things About Living Abroad

When we first started kicking around the idea of living in Australia for a little bit, it was hard to wrap our minds around what the everyday would actually look like. We knew some things would be pretty much the same, but […]

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